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A support program for professionals related to the world of dance.




Correct the so-called “frailties” of the dancer.

A support program for professionals in the dance industry, an important complement to daily training.

When it is possible to cancel some of the interventions that gravity acts on  posture, it is possible to find a new space where to discover and correct many of the so-called “frailties” of the dancer.

They mainly take place through bodyweight training, or with the use of small tools that are easy to carry. Music is not used during the classes, thus allowing students to discover their own inner rhythm, through a careful combination of movement and breathing.

The purpose of the MatBarre © classes is basically to use both the floor and the walls as real work tools, as well as valid supports to identify the postures to be corrected and perceive the movement of one’s body with a feedback that is not possible to recreate in normal dance classes.

Students will find themselves having at their service a versatile and effective system to take care of themselves and will be able to apply it to their warm-up moments before class or show, as well as in the unfortunate case they find themselves immobilized even in part due to injury.

A real Body Conditioning that helps the dancer to respond to an ever higher demand for performance.


The dancer’s Body Conditioning to respond to an ever higher demand for performance.

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MatBarre™ Studio rates

1 session Private   130.00
5 sessions Private   615.00
10 sessions Private   1’170.00
20 sessions Private   2’200.00
Seasonal 1 session/week Private   2’600.00
Seasonal 2 sessions/week Private   4’550.00

1 session Semiprivate   70.00
5 sessions Semiprivate   330.00
10 sessions Semiprivate   630.00
20 sessions Semiprivate   1’190.00
Seasonal 1 session/week Semiprivate   1’450.00
Seasonal 2 sessions/week Semiprivate   2’480.00

Rates expressed in Swiss Francs (CHF)

MatBarre™ On-line rates

1 session private On-Line   100.00
5 sessions Private On-Line   475.00
10 sessions Private On-Line   900.00
20 sessions Private On-Line   1’700.00
Seasonal 1 session/week Private On-Line   1’200.00
Seasonal 2 sessions/week Private On-Line   3’340.00

1 session Semiprivate On-Line   55.00
5 sessions Semiprivate On-Line   260.00
10 sessions Semiprivate On-Line   495.00
20 sessions Semiprivate On-Line   930.00
Seasonal 1 session/week Semiprivate On-Line   1’130.00
Seasonal 2 sessions/week Semiprivate On-Line   1’895.00

Rates expressed in Swiss Francs (CHF)

How to pay

• Cash at the Studio
Bank transfer
Electronic payments

MatBarre™ rules