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Francesca Cusin

Francesca Cusin Marletta is a professional Movement Educator who proposes complete functional training programs, also for the protection and longevity of the spine, awareness and prevention for the perineum and pelvic floor.

Enthusiastically shares her knowledge of her and her long experience with specialists from the Dance, Pilates and Fitness industries throughout Switzerland / Europe / UK. She also offers comprehensive training to aspiring teachers in traditional and contemporary Pilates technique.

She collaborates with the Emovere project for the management of painful syndromes, including chronic ones, through a gradualized approach to movement.

A former dancer and award-winning choreographer, a Shiatsu practitioner with a thorough training also in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she has a good knowledge of Biomechanics, Functional and Neuro-Myo-Fascial Anatomy. PMA® National Certified Pilates Teacher®, Stretch Therapist®, BeBo® Consultant. Creator of the Stretch & Roll® method for myofascial release, elasticity, strength, muscular and functional balance. She also developed MatBarre ™, a program specifically dedicated to injury prevention for professional dancers. Both in her studio and on line she mainly teaches individual sessions with the aim of improving the motor model of clients.
She also offers NeuroMyoFascial Meditation sessions, in which to reach the deepest aspects of our ability to align and our balanced essence through the proposed “mental images” and thus access the extraordinary ability of the body to find its best balance, stimulating the neurological system to produce those micro-adjustments in the joints, muscles, organs and fascia itself that will make us find a more appropriate place to exist.

Why choose a BAME Studio

QualiCert / QualiTop

We are Qualicert/Qualitop certified for most Swiss Insurances.

PMA® Certification

Francesca Cusin certified according to the high standards of safety and professionalism required by the Pilates Method Alliance®.

BeBo® Consultant

Authorized Bebo® Consultants training in Ticino and in Italy.