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The new era of bodyweight work.






The new era of bodyweight work

The various components of Mattools allow a multitude of exercises and resistances.

The high number of possible combinations allows you to train different parts of the body thereby improving posture, toning the muscles and giving a pleasant muscle stretching effect.

The extremely solid mattress has been designed with multiple holes that allow the insertion of specific objects. With the guidance of a Mattools certified Teacher, these objects can be combined and create an extremely effective and fun “ground work”.

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Mattools® Studio rates

1 session Private   130.00
5 sessions Private   615.00
10 sessions Private   1’170.00
20 sessions Private   2’200.00
Seasonal 1 session/week Private   2’600.00
Seasonal 2 sessions/week Private   4’550.00

1 session Semiprivate   70.00
5 sessions Semiprivate   330.00
10 sessions Semiprivate   630.00
20 sessions Semiprivate   1’190.00
Seasonal 1 session/week Semiprivate   1’450.00
Seasonal 2 sessions/week Semiprivate   2’480.00

Rates expressed in Swiss Francs (CHF)

How to pay

• Cash at the Studio
Bank transfer
Electronic payments

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