Stretch & Roll®

Get rid of the tensions that prevent you from dealing with daily activities.




stretch and roll

A great tool which is easy to apply and very handy.

A method that allows you to get rid of those tensions that often prevent you from dealing even with the most trivial daily activities and is based on simple, still deep myofascial stretching exercises combined with self-massage techniques.

A system born from the fusion of the precious Far Eastern knowledge relating to the free flow of vital energy and the most recent research on fascia. Two worlds meet for the psychophysical well-being of the individual.

A great tool which is easy to apply and very handy.

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Stretch & Roll® Studio rates

1 session Private   130.00
5 sessions Private   615.00
10 sessions Private   1’170.00
20 sessions Private   2’200.00
Seasonal 1 session/week Private   2’600.00
Seasonal 2 sessions/week Private   4’550.00

1 session Semiprivate   70.00
5 sessions Semiprivate   330.00
10 sessions Semiprivate   630.00
20 sessions Semiprivate   1’190.00
Seasonal 1 session/week Semiprivate   1’450.00
Seasonal 2 sessions/week Semiprivate   2’480.00

Rates expressed in Swiss Francs (CHF)

Stretch & Roll® On-line rates

1 session private On-Line   100.00
5 sessions Private On-Line   475.00
10 sessions Private On-Line   900.00
20 sessions Private On-Line   1’700.00
Seasonal 1 session/week Private On-Line   2’000.00
Seasonal 2 sessions/week Private On-Line   3’400.00

1 session Semiprivate On-Line   55.00
5 sessions Semiprivate On-Line   260.00
10 sessions Semiprivate On-Line   495.00
20 sessions Semiprivate On-Line   930.00
Seasonal 1 session/week Semiprivate On-Line   1’130.00
Seasonal 2 sessions/week Semiprivate On-Line   1’895.00

Rates expressed in Swiss Francs (CHF)

How to pay

• Cash at the Studio
Bank transfer
Electronic payments

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